Optical design
Optical design
Optical elements Glass lens
Reflection mirror
Plastic lens
Enlarging lens & Telecentric  Enlarging lens Enlarging lens
Telecentric enlarging lens
Projection lens
Scanner lens
Bar Code lens
CCD lens &  cmos couple CCD & cmos couple
Telescope Optical mount
Binoculars telescope
Toy telescope
Rifle scopes
Established in 1994, Nanjing AILI Optics & Electronics Co., Ltd. (AILI for short) is a private technological enterprise specializing in the design, development and production of optical lenses and other optical-electronic products. Joined by many professionals like professors, doctors, senior engineers, engineers and senior technicians, the company are capable of designing, developing and producing optical products independently. It has been granted eight patents by the Chinese government and two by the US government up to now. The company also has various types of optical cold working equipment, precision injection machines, mechanical processing equipment, coaters and optical checking and measuring instruments. It can mass-produce CCD lenses, duplicator lenses, scan objective lenses, projection objective lenses, microscope lenses, enlarging lenses, telecentric enlarging lenses, camera lenses & viewfinders, plastic spherical and aspherical lenses, accessories of digital printers, single-use cameras and telescope etc. More than 95% of it’s products are exported to U.S.A, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Acting on the management principle of “Treating customers with respect and taking the lead in technology”, we cordially hope to collaborate with customers both at home and abroad. We will provide you with more and better precision optical and electronic products!
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Service scope:

Optical design, frame design, technology consulting
Optical cold working and coating
Manufacturing optical lens and instrument, assembling, and Inspection
Manufacturing optical plastics lens, including aspherical and spherical lens)
Producing testplates and metal polishing moulds
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Producing mould and precision injection
Producing precision plastics and mechanical parts
Optical test

Nanjing AILI Optics & Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address:Building 10 Xinyao Road Nanjing 210046, P.R.China
Post code: 210028
Tel:+86 (0) 25 8530 9330
Fax:+86 (0) 25 6880 0189
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